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Expert Care is Given to Detail

From the very start our professionals have an eye for precision and beauty.

From Conception to Reality

Your New Garage takes "Shape and Form" in a short time right before your eyes.

Experience and Craftsmanship

The Quality that we build comes from Over 16 years of experience and skill 

Approaching the Finish Line

4 Key Steps: 

1. Demolition 2. Concrete Pour 

3. Garage Build 4. Install Electric

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Garage Construction Steps

The Preparation

The garage build begins with 

demolishing your existing garage concrete and hauling both away.

The Concrete

Concrete is then poured with 4 inches of crushed stone wire mesh reinforcement, and 4 inches of concrete slightly pitched.

The Garage Frame

Concrete requires 1 week to cure. Next, carpenters build garage, frame it, put in service door, and overhead door with motor, vinyl side walls, and shingle the roof.

Last Step

Last step, the electricians will install conduit, lights, and outlets. The garage build process will require 3 weeks.

(Weather permitting)

Value Garage Builders

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What We Do

Build the Beautiful

We Deliver what others only promise making your Dream a Reality.

28 Point Process

Value Garage Builders 28 Point Process will ensure excellent precision and workmanship

resulting in outstanding quality and value

Quality and Craftsmanship

You are definitely a winner when you go with Value Garage Builders Best Price Best Quality!

Value Garage Builders 28 Point Process

Point Description

Concrete Construction

  1. Crushed stone base
  2. Six bag mix
  3. Wire mesh
  4. Water ledge
  5. Anchor bolt reinforcement
  6. Pitched slab
  7. Standard Apron
  8. Electrical conduit stub
  9. Meets local building code

Wall Construction

    10. Kiln-dried lumber

    11. Waterproof bottom plates

    12. Studs: 2" x 4", 16" O.C. (8' high)

    13. Double 2" x 4" corner posts                        

    14. Double 2" x 4" Top Plates

    15. Full width double 2" x 12" headers

    16. Overhead door 24 gauge steel

    17. Vinyl siding standard

    18. Double wall construction

    19. Maintenance free windows

    20. Steel service door 36" with dead bolt

Roof Construction

    21. Shingles: 25 years

    22. # 15 lb. felt

    23. Exterior grade sheething

    24. 2" x 6" custom heel cut rafters

    25. 2" x 8" hip and ridge

    26. Storage: Five 2" x 6" cross ties

    27. Sealed boxed-in eaves

    28. Two roof vents

Reasons to Buy From Value Garage Builders

Custom Built

Lumber is kiln dried

Credit cards accepted

We use Only State Licensed Electricians and Roofers

Increases home value

3 weeks to build (weather permitting)

Licensed and insured

Complaint free

Use 6 bag mix (most builders use 5 bag mix)

Fascia Soffit are 3/4 inches

Competitive Price

Green Friendly

Trees are replanted within 1 year from all lumber used in garage build.

Built to city code

Your garage will be personally inspected by, Mike, the owner of Value Garage Builders

 Im Mike, the Owner and you will have my PERSONAL handshake and WRITTEN guarantee on EVERY job. I will also give you my cell phone number (773)-991-0283) if there is ever a question. 

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Renovation Services

What We Do

Value Garage Builders has been in the garage, and garage repair business for over 16 years. 

We repair 1 car, 2 car and 3 car garages, detached. 

Renovation simply means, we will replace anything on your existing garage to restore it to look new. Your garage may need a new roof, new siding, new windows, service door or overhead door.

 Mike will assess what your garage needs to be replaced and quote you with a free estimate. 

We also haul away what was stripped off your existing garage which is included in the estimate. 

A garage repair is one option to keep your garage costs low rather than build a new garage.

Ask about our overhead door and opener install special. We will install a new garage door and opener with a 10 percent discount if you call today. We supply the door and openers with 2 remote controls. Our carpenters will haul away the old door. Overhead door colors are supplied in white, brown, sandstone and almond. They are solid steel and dependable.

Free Estimate

Reside Garages

Replace new siding as our siding prices can't be touched. The best value just a click away..

Install New Sheathing

New siding, rafters, or rooftops. If needed, new sheathing will be installed

Install New Windows

A variety of window choices. Slider, Picture Jalousie, Double Hung, and Octagon style windows.

Overhead Doors

Hollow Panel, insulated, sandwich overhead doors are available.


A choice of traditional or architectural shingles. Click for a free estimate and have your issues repaired by the best.

Install gutters

Gutters are optional and installed with 2 Downspouts.

Garage Pitches

Additional Information

Value Garage Builders has experience building hundreds of garages over the past 16 years. Garage projects range from 1 car, 2 car, 2 1/2 car and 3 car garages (detached). Value Garage Builders will build you a quality garage at the best price. 

Hip Style Garage

The hip garage has a 4-sided roof, and is the 

most cost effective garage to purchase. Each 

side of the roof slopes upward to the highest 

point of garage.

This is a Hip Style Garage directly below

This is a Hip Style Garage

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